Saturday, May 17, 2008

Welcome to my Kitchen

I am, by nature a quiet, reserved person. I dislike arguments and especially dislike having to defend an opinion or idea. So I think it is rather funny and ironic that my main passion in life now is bringing questions about America's Health care system and health treatments out for public discussion. The 'kitchen idea' stems from the idea that I hope to create a 'safe place' to talk about these issues. So far, I've seen that everyone has a different opinion on how to fix the problems. Ive also noticed lately that Americans and American kids are looking more and more unhealthy. I was a fat kid, so even though I know it's not politically correct to say fat, I remember what it was like being fat. There was teasing, low self esteem,shyness, obsession with dieting and it was in general a drag. So when I see an entire generation turning out that way it makes me worry. Raising kids in this culture where 'unhealthy' foods are marketed so aggressively makes me worry too. My 6 year old has all the 'junk food commercials' memorized, and asks for those foods on a daily basis.
I solved my own weight/health dilemma by discovering the McDougall Program, a plant based, whole foods, low fat program. As I tried to help others learn about the startling and dramatic health improvements from this kind of program I was shocked at the resistance and fear.
I am exploring what this is all about. To me when such a simple solution is offered for curing, fatigue, chronic pain and other symptoms I would think that people would be enthusiastic and embrace at least giving it a try. A few do, most don't. I find that very interesting. I guess what puzzles me the most is why Doctor's would not look at this as a healing alternative. I guess some do, but I think that the majority don't.
Having worked with a Doctor I have also noticed that the entire Medical Industry is really having a tough time. So I will be adding a discussion board and inviting anyone working in this industry to have a place to express how it is for them working in Health care in America. I hope Doctor's, Nurses , Other Medical Providers and Patients will join us 'around the table' for some interesting conversations.
Welcome and thanks for coming over!

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